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Type Booster is a highly customizable word completion application that helps you type
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20 March 2006

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Not many of us are blessed with a fast typing speed and not all of us are required to type huge lengths of documents that makes it necessary to learn typing to accelerate speed and accuracy. However, there can be situations which require us to type in lots of text at one time that makes the task extremely difficult. Even for professionals who are required to type in lots of text daily as a part of their jobs and there are certain sentences that are repeated many a time which makes it kind of annoying to type in the same words again and again which is time consuming as well. An application that can easily save time and energy from repetitions is Type Booster 1.3 that can simply work on any kind of interface and even helps in spell checks.

Type Booster opens with a neatly arranged interface with the main options placed at the top panel and contains intuitive options for arranging settings for desired word completion and spell checking. This handy tool can save time and integrated with the mail client and web browser and even in an DOS Console Window. Once the software adapts to the style of the writer and remembers the words typed in its memory and uses frequency analysis to accurately insert the words that are typed in. Hence, this automatic word completion program can record accurate statistical data of words typed in and speeds up the work. Built-in vocabulary of almost 45,000 words that make it immensely simple to complete sentences with its suggestion list.

To conclude, Type Booster 1.3 certainly enables users to save their time in repeat words insertion and is flexible in scope as well and hence gets a rating of four points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

Type Booster is a handy word completion application that helps you type faster by automatically completing the words you type.
Do you hate typing lengthy words? Geniuses shouldn't have a problem with that. They would never double "unneccessarry" letters in "indispensible" documents. And there are spell-checkers for the rest of us, houples dizlexix. A spell-checker is a great invention. It saves our readers time and effort understanding our writings. Unfortunately, they slowdown your typing. When you misspell a word, spell-checker highlights it and you need to get back to this word in order to correct it. This is why some of the modern text processors provide a simple word completion functionality. Word completion allows you to spell words correctly when you type even faster than normally.
How is Type Booster better than a simple word completion feature in your word processor? Type Booster works everywhere, in any application where you need it. You can utilize it in your mail client, web browser or even in a DOS console window. Word completion works best when it learns your style. It remembers what you type and uses frequency analysis to more precisely predict the words that you type. Thus, a system-wide word completion program can gather more accurate statistical data than a word completion feature that is built into your word processor only.
Type Booster is a specialized word completion application. It is very flexible and has many more options than the standard word completion feature of your text processor. Type Booster includes a huge vocabulary of 45000 English words. When you type a few letters, it offers you a list of words that begin with those letters. You can tune-up the process by changing the minimum number of letters to complete, and the number of words to show in the suggestion list. You can also set the maximum length of words to ignore. Type Booster can be enabled or disabled in specific applications with a hotkey.
Type Booster
Type Booster
Version 1.3
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